Monday 20 April 2015

Birdies and Kitties

Well after a busy weekend I finally managed to finish the small stitch that I was doing from this months Joan Eliott calendar design. Here he is:

So this weekend we were out and about Saturday morning, and then at a Barn Dance Saturday evening, which was great fun, but I probably shouldn't have joined in as much as I did with my groin injury - my inner hip is really sore now!! Unfortunately I left my camera at home so there are no pictures to share with you. However I can share a pic of my kitty blending in with my black and white living room lol.

I have started a height chart this weekend also and have managed to do about 2 hours on it so far. No progress pic yet but will do one for the next post, and we will see if people can guess what it is :)

Finally, just to remind people that the challenge is still open on the facebook group Monthly Themes for Crafting where this months challenge is to make a project based around this picture:

Thank you for looking,

Hugz Tinz

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