Monday 20 June 2016

Wild Things in the Wilderness

Hello there,

I got absolutely soaked through on my way back to my car after work this evening. I drive 1hr20mins minimum to get home and my trousers were still wet when I got back, even after having the air blower trained on them the whole journey! At least it was warm and wet though with very little wind - small benefits eh? What a lovely way to spend the longest day of the year - shouldn't it be lovely and sunny?

I would have loved to have been down at Stonehenge to watch the sun rise this year, but again have been unable to do this. One year I will get there - I even had an invite this year, but couldn't get the time off work :(

I have no crafting accompishments to share with you today as I have been working on my allotment and in my garden, supposedly. I think I actually spent more time taking photographs than anything else, but there was plenty to look at. I am also busy creating my next card for the Creative Moments challenge blog, where I am on the Design Team. Do pop by on Wednesday to see our inspiration and join us in our challenge fun.

So here are some pictures to keep you amused. Firstly I thought you might be interested in my garlic crop - planted last year and then lost once the leaves had died back and had to wait for it to grow through again this year - it does mean that it has to be used quickly for any string flavour, and they are individual cloves. Some nice big ones there though!

Next I have a short video, and a picture for those who may not be able to watch the video, of a little guy with a large shell having fun with the petals that have fallen off my poppies. I went out into the garden to do something, can't remember what now, and saw him with a bit of bright orange sticking out of him mouth and just had to run and get the camera. This large petal does not quite capture the amusing first sight I had of him, but it is quite cute nevertheless.

Here are some pictures from down the plot - first is a row of potatoes (hiding among the grass and creeping buttercup):
Then we have a view of the pond:
A close up of some Bramble flower buds because I thought they were pretty:
And a random purple spike that the bees seem to love:
And finally, I found this little guy crawling around my smaller pond at the other allotment:

Any ideas what he is????

I do have a picture or two from the following day, but I am going to keep




a little



Here he is in all his glory!! I am pretty sure he is a Southern Hawker Dragonfly - not that you would have guessed from the nymph.

This is the skin he left behind in the boot of my car:

Please pop back on Wednesday to see my DT creation, more pictures from this weekend, a new audio book review and another intriduction to one of my pets - this time there are no feathers or fur!!

Hugz Tinz

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  1. Pretty sure your plant is Loosestrife -love the wildlife pond and hatched dragonfly-my grandaughter is obsessed with snails she loves them lol- we have wild garlic which you can use the leaves
    Carol x


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