Wednesday 30 April 2014

August Heat Review and Cross Stitching

Well I am here with another audio book review, of another crime fiction. August Heat is by Andrea Camilleri and the main character is a Police Inspector, based in Italy. I have never read any of this authors books before, nor listened to any and I found it very interesting. The audio book was very well read in my opinion. The story-line is that a body is found in a hidden apartment in the middle of the August heat. The way the main character is portrayed is very human, and the fact that it the story includes mundane details of everyday life also makes it very interesting. I did find the main female character rather annoying and obvious, but other than that I found this book very entertaining to listen to.

Now to my Cross Stitches! Here is the update on the fish tank, which is now at 50 hours:

My little kitty is at 5 1/4 hours:
And also my Birth Sampler that I have started has the first quarter completed - the little doggy:

Hugz Tinz

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