Sunday 15 May 2022

Bloomin' Marvellous

 Hi all,

I realised I haven't shared this card with you yet. It was based on a design in a magazine and I wanted to give it a go, and I think it turned out ok.

I made the plant pot out of a navy blue base card and added a blue washi tape for the rim. I then added paper and fabric flowers, including stamped and fussy-cut flowers, and a couple of felt butterflies, above the washi tape rim. I also added a couple of paper pieced flowers onto the pot itself.

I would like to enter this card into the following challenges:

CRAFT #637 Anything Goes

MMM #174 Springtime

TheCardConcept #175 May Flowers

DragonflyDreams - Butterflies/Flowers

I also have a book review for you today.

Icefire Trilogy by Patty Jansen

In the Southern Lands there is a machine (the heart) that generates a power that the locals call icefire. Most of the locals are immune to it, and pure-blood Pirosians can’t even see it. The Thellien king mis-used the power, as Thellian’s are able to manipulate the power that the heart produces. Icefire is also fatal to the nearby Chevakians, who have managed to build shields to protect their province from its effects.

The Eagle Knights overthrew the king and ended his reign of terror, but began one of their own in its place. They kill anybody born with deformities, as these people can manipulate icefire and are seen as being evil, as well as killing any that have Thellian blood. Tandor, the old kings grandson, has made plans to take over the throne, using a pure-blood Pirosian to carry a child from a pure-blood Thellian. He has also amassed an army of ‘imperfect’ children to manage the power of the heart. However, the Eagle Knights have also been experimenting with the power that the heart generates and Tandors plans back-fire, causing levels of icefire to rise to intolerable levels, even for natives. This causes people to flee, Chevakians to worry about their own safety from the icefire, and a war between the Southern Lands and the Chevakians. It is up to the young ‘imperfect’ queen and her consort to figure out how to set things straight again.

This book keeps you captivated and waiting with baited breath. It also has you cringing at the decisions the characters make at times and worrying for their safety. Some things are quite farfetched – but then it is a fantasy. Overall a good read if you like action and scheming in a fantasy setting.

Thanks for looking,

Hugz Tinz


  1. I love ATG challenges, we get to see so many wonderful makes like your beautiful card. I think it's much better than OK! Thanks so much for sharing it with us over at CRAFT Challenge this week!

  2. I love all the texture on this pretty card! Thanks for linking up to The Card Concept!

  3. Such a cute card with lots of texture and love the layered flowers. Thank you for joining us at The Card Concepts Karen K (DT)

  4. Your card came out wonderfully! I really like all the texture in the flowers. Thanks for joining us at MMM! Hope to see you in our gallery again! X Sue

  5. Lovely shaped card. Thankyou for sharing with Dragonfly Dreams.


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