Tuesday 11 September 2018


So I finished the main part of my beanie yesterday - I just need to add the pompom to the top, which I am making tonight, as soon as I put my laptop down in fact!

OK I am not sure what it is sitting on top of, and it is a bit short (I got bored with the repeat pattern required for the folded bit and so cut it short! Ooops - cold ears this winter anybody? I do actually quite like the hat itself though.

I wouldlike to enter this into some challenges:
A snowflake promise #54 Anything Goes
AYLI - none card project (I like knitting as you can create funky things to wear, and you don't actually have to watch what you are doing).

I also have an audio book review for you!

His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman
OK so not technically a single book, but I thought they were best grouped together as they are a trilogy and we did listen to the whole trilogy straight after each other. My hubby had not read the books and so when we decided to get an Audible account it seemed the perfect time to introduce him to these books that I absolutely loved as a girl, and still find captivating now. The books are narrated by Phillip Pullman himself and so it really is strange to hear things being said in a completely different way to how you have been reading it – but you know you are wrong as it is the author telling you so lol. Phillip Pullman is fantastic at narrating these books and they are just as captivating as when you read them yourself. Whether you are familiar with the story, or have never read the trilogy yourself I would certainly recommend listening to the audiobooks.
For those that are not familiar trilogy starts with The Northern Lights where Lyra first starts her adventure as the girl who has been prophesied. She finds out who her parents are and begins to develop her profound bravery, that can also be seen in both her parents. She meets new friends that she would never have imagined who help her with her task, and ends up at the Northern lights with her father. The second book is the Subtle knife, and this one starts in our world. The first book introduces you to the idea that there are several different worlds that all overlap, and this second book goes into a little more detail about this. This book introduces will Parry, a boy who has people chasing him, but doesn’t know why. All he knows is that they are after some papers that his father sent to his mother before he disappeared. Will ends up being the bearer of the subtle knife and helps Lyra to find information in his world to help her on her quest. The lives of the two become intertwined in this story. The third story, the Amber Spyglass, introduces a third main character – Dr Mary Malone, from Wills world. She studies dark matter and has followed instructions that lead her to the Mulefa (a sentient being from another world). This book takes you through Marys time with the Mulefa, while still continue the story of Lyra and Will, and the fight between the church and Lord Asriel. Will Mary fulfil her role in ensuring Lyra completes her destiny, and what will happen to Will’s mum?

I will leave you with pictures of my spreading Nasturtium plant:

And a little Nasturtium trying its hardest too:


  1. Gorgeous, even if your ears are chilly! Thanks so much for sharing your non-card project with us at AYLI. Hugs xx

  2. I love the knit pattern and can image how warm it will be. Thanks for sharing with us at As You Like It Challenge!


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