Tuesday 11 February 2014

Fish update

There has not been much crafting done that is worthy of mentioning from the last couple of days. I spent last night fighting with the computer to renew my driving license - they certainly do not make it easy! Why can they make renewing tax really, really easy, but cannot use the same method for the damned license - you still have to pay for the damned thing after all - and they can just check against the passport information also!  Stupid, ridiculous process!

Anyway enough whining, I did actually get some seeds planted yesterday as well. My Brassicas are still growing well in the greenhouse (although I dread to think how the onion sets have managed down on the allotment in the atrocious weather!! - I think somebody got confused, they want COLD not WET). So yesterday I started on the next lot of seeds that need a reasonable amount of time to germinate and grow to their full potential. I planted some grape hyacinth seeds that I saved from my bulb plants, some runner beans, another flower (can't remember its name but it begins with a D) and some Aubergine seeds (as I can never seem to get decent fruit off them so decided to try planting them extra early).

And to finish off the blog post - here is the picture of my fish to date (at around 33 hours). I am adding white again now so it will be difficult to see the progress for the next few sessions.

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