Thursday 11 August 2016

Bracelet Beading

Hiya everybody,

Time for a new craft creation. This time I have a beaded bracelet to share with you made from safety pins and two types of beads in several colours:

I tried to use the same colour combinations on the same colour safety pin, and then space them out evenly around the bracelet. It is elasticated for ease of getting it on and off.

I have another pet introduction for you today. I know you have all been waiting ever so patiently, and this time we are meeting Silky. She is one of the original rescue girls, and yes she is a little tubby (but we don't tell her that). She is also extremely fertile. I work with mice on a daily basis and it is a well known fact that mice are unlikely to get pregnant from being with a boy for a couple of hours. They have to get used to him first to allow him to mate them. This of course takes longer when they are out of season, and shorter when they are in (with mice the cycle is about 4 days). This little girly managed to get herself pregnant after playing on the settee with a boy for less than an hour whilst I was cleaning them out. This gave us 6 boys and 3 girls some of whom you have met and some still to be introduced. They are: Silver, Tufts (who has been sold), Storm (who unfortunately passed away when the pet sitter did not realise the bottle had fallen off the cage), Blaze, Yoko, Cap'n, Rex, Ruby and Cloud. Some of them have rex-like fur all curly and tight and they are very sweet.

Silky is not the friendliest of our mice, but she will happily come over for cuddles on her own terms, and as long as you don't insist on stroking her. She is also very vocal and will squeak quite loudly if something is not how she likes it lol.

 Close-up of my pretty Iris - I cannot remember the name of it though lol
 Look what I dug up off the plot! Just because...
And my pretty Iris flowers from a distance -in a bunch :)

Thank you for looking,

Hugz Tinz

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