Tuesday 13 May 2014

Charity Bunting and BS part 1

...but first I have a book review (and this time I read the book rather than listened to it lol). This was Destiny's Star by Elizabeth Vaughan. I saw this on the library shelf and it looked interesting, plus was small enough to fit in my bag to take to work. It was only after I started reading it that I realised that it was book 3 in a series, however it turned out that it was fine to read this book as a stand-alone. I liked it and was interested in what had happened earlier and so have reserved the first two books from the library too. This is a fantasy novel based around a female mercenary come queens guard and a story teller who has wild magic within him. It would seem that he gained the wild magic in a previous book unwillingly and so is unable to contain it properly. They end up in the Plains (kind of a desert) with a tribe, which is where the magic comes from, and they have to try and stay alive whilst being hunted by people who believe they need to die to return the magic to the land, whilst along the way falling in love. Although a fantasy it does relate to the real world in the way the people act etc, and I found it kept you wondering until they very end. A good read if you like fantasy books that are not too unrealistic (and also if you like full on fantasy).

Right now onto the important bits. The Charity bunting was a free kit from Cross Stitch Crazy magazine last year. And here is the pic - finished at 3.75hours. I am entering it into the anything but a card challenge from simplycreatetoo and Anything goes from crafting by designs

And here is the update on the kitty - now up at 8 hours and coming along nicely:

Finally, I have started a birth sampler for my friend who is having her second baby. I decided on a popcorn design this time and here is the first completed character - Biscuit the Dog.

Thank you for looking

Hugz Tinz

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  1. Beautiful banners! Very glad you joined in the Simply Create Too "Anything But a Card Challenge" & hope you enter our next challenge also.

    Simply Create Too Design Team


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