Saturday 10 May 2014

A little bit of Romance

I have another book review for you.
I have just finished listening to Vince and Joy by Lisa Jewell.

I have never read, or listen to, any of her books before as this is not usually the type of book that I would pick to read based on the blurb on the back. The story is the tale of two people, Vince and Joy, that meet and fall in love, but then lose touch with each other and find that each time they meet life is in the way. The story is told kind-of-like flash backs, although there is the perspective from both Vince and Joy, even though it is Vince doing the telling. Although the ending is pretty predictable, the getting there is very amusing and gripping. There are laugh out load moments and times when you want to shake the lead characters. However, there is some quite strong swearing throughout the book and so if you are averse to bad language then this is probably not a book for you!

Now onto the craft side of things. I have updates on both of my WIP cross stitches. I have completed another one, but need to put it together before I take the photograph.
So firstly I have the angelic kitty who is now at 7 and a half hours:

Secondly there is my Fish Tank which is now at 50 and a half hours:

Thank you for looking.

Hugz Tinz

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