Saturday 1 March 2014

Service day!

I am now £155 lighter thanks to my car having its first service! And it turns out that all they did was change the oil and filter!! grrrrrr. However, I did manage to get a little more of my Wizard cross stitch done whilst waiting for the car. No pictures though I am afraid, this one will wait until it is fully completed before taking a picture.

However, here is an update picture for my fish - now at 36 hours almost.
Added some green and some red now so progress can be seen :)

Also got another 250L of compost for the allotment, and will be venturing out tomorrow to work on the wildlife attracting bed and transfer my compost into the next bin (if I can find where its door has gotten to). I also got two herb trees - a rosemary and a thyme - from the local garden centre which has just changed hands and has had a sale on to reduce old stock. Unfortunately after having the service I could not get as much as I would have liked :(

Hugz Tinz

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