Thursday 13 March 2014

Fish Tank @37 hours

Hi there,

Thought I would give you an update on my fish tank. I haven't done much more as I do not get to play very often with everything else I am doing also - knitting, card making, ATC's - and this particular piece being kept upstairs due to the large frame.

Today I have been out at the allotment in the sunshine enjoying my day off (although getting a couple of phone calls from work lol). I have also discovered my little man mouse running around the mouse room floor, rather than sitting nicely in his cage, where he should be. First thought - OH must not have put him back, so back in his cage he goes (a very thirsty little mousey). Then I check back in a few hours later, just to be sure he is still in his cage, and I find him in the bin bag where he had found an old tube to hide in!!! He is now in a different cage lol.

Also today Chucky had a stint out of his cage, and although he did panic (as anticipated) I do not have any new scars!!! He did throw everything off the fireplace though (glass candle holders included) and used a coaster to make sure there was nothing left in his way (like a snow shovel lol).

Hugz Tinz

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