Sunday 12 January 2014


Well here I go into the world of blogging! I thought this would be a useful way to keep a track of my WIP, whilst keeping you all up to date on the managerie here, and how the allotment progresses throughout the year.

So far it has been a very wet year, so not much work has been done on the allotment. However, due to there being some sunshine yesterday (unexpected I know) I managed to get the last of the beetroot and scorzenera out of the ground and prepare the bed for Spring. This took much longer tan was expected due to the encroachment of grass onto the bed, which then had to be removed before I could turn the soil and add the compost. My arms are exceedingly sore today :)

This weekend has involved putting all the Christmas boxes back into the attic and re-sorting out the living room and kitchen, now that the boxes are out of the way. This does however make the rooms look a little bare! I am sure I will get used to having a little more space before too long. Now just to vac the carpet, whilst showering Chucky of course (my parrot), but need to wait until Billie (the little Rosella) has taken himself home, as he doesn't really like the vaccuum when he is playing out.

Whilst I was cleaning my mice out yesterday, I discovered that I have a little adventurer. While I clean their cage I have them sat on my shoulders, and suddenly I heard a scratching at the curtains behind my back. Well when I turned to see what was making the noise little Pico was halfway up the curtain, soon to be sitting on top of the curtain pole!
It was only last week that this same little madame, whilst playing out on the covered sofa bed, managed to get herself down onto the floor and started hiding behind the furniture! Unfortunately this was just as I was about to go out and so it was a mad rush to find where she had hidden herself and get her back into her cage, so that I could get to my appointment on time :)

Now for the crafting. At the moment I have a large cross stitch of a tropical fish tank, as well as a slightly smaller cat on a branch, to complete. I am knitting a Hippo, having just finished a Tortoise (my first knitted project) and have joined an ATC group. I also run two groups on facebook - a monthly craft challenge group (which involves having a theme for the month, which everybody adheres to in their crafting and uploads pictures) and a Round Robin group (cross stitch that involves several people stitching on each others work to create a multi-stitched piece of several different designs).

Here is my Tortoise, of whom I am very impressed as a first knit (although he did take me about 6 months).

Well I will be back as often as I can. Hope you enjoy reading my blog :)


  1. Your little tortoise is so cute.

    Congratulations on creating your blog. Before you know it, it will be full of wonderful things you have made



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