Monday 13 January 2014

Ginger and Promarker Challenge

Hello sunshine - yes sunshine, although the rain has come back this evening.

I had a nasty surprise when I went up to give my mice some of my homemade Parsnip and Walnut cake. When I put my hand in certain mice will usually come and see what I am doing, have a nibble and a sniff and generally be nosy. However, yesterday Ginger (my largest girlie mouse, weighing in at 58g when weighed on Saturday) - name said with a soft G - did not come to say hello. Upon further investigation I found her in her bed, looking rather flat and lifeless. I have absolutely no idea what happened to her as she was fine and healthy when I weighed them all on the Saturday!!

As for crafting I did manage to get some more knitting done on my Hippo last night, and so he now has two feet and an arm to go with his head, nose and body. Just one more arm and two ears to go before I can start putting him together :)

I also managed to make my entry for the passion for Promarkers challenge of Clean and Simple Ok I know it is a bit late, but I had already stamped the image and I wanted to use it before it got lost in the piles of crafting supplies.
I took a basic what card blank and using a versacolour inkpad made a circle of silver. After colouring the present stamp I stuck it on top of this silver circle. I then added a Papermania ribbon across the bottom of the card with a couple of accents above, and an Anita's outline sentiment. Do let me know what you think (assuming I manage to link this correctly!)

After a long day at work it is now time to get some tea, cuddle a cat and do some cleaning. Then I might just sit a read a book!

Hugz Tinz

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