Tuesday 17 May 2016

Pearl bracelet with spikes

Hello everybody,

I decided to get my beads out for a change as I have not played with them for a while - so I made this alternative bracelet:

I used 4mm fake pearls in a ladder stitch for the centre band and then used basic seed beads for the tassels. I wanted something just a little different to the usual beaded bracelet, but I am not sure it is as elegant as I imagined it would be lol.

I have also completed my Margaret Sherry Free Cross Stitch Kit, whch took 8 1/2 hours in total:

I have another mouse introduction for you today. Meet Blondie. She is one of our mice that we rescued when her owners accdentally let their male mouse get into their female enclosure - resulting in Blondie and her sisters being born. Her brothers had already gone, so we got her and her sisters as well as the two mums (one of whom has unfortunately passed away since). She likes to watch you from any hidey hole, and absolutely loves yoghurt drops.

Thank you for looking,
Hugz Tinz

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