Wednesday 21 October 2015

Height chart update and tomatillos

Hi there,

I have been busy making apple and pear jam this week and now have several jars to give as gifts. I am also busy adding a new zip to a pair of biker trousers - without undoing the seams - which is great fun (NOT).

However, this is what you want to see - now at 17.5 hours:
I think this may take quite a while - definitely not going to be completed by Christmas unless I book the rest of the time off work!

I also thought that anybody that was interested in viewing my little dino guy, might also like to see my tomatillo harvest:
 Compared to my tomato harvest so far (I do still have a large plant covered in large green tomatoes with no signs of blight so far).
However, I do now have t find ways to use the tomatillos - I am thinking salsa, maybe a green tomato chutney recipe and I have already had some raw on my sandwiches. A very unusual flavour, but really easy to grow. Check out if you would like more information about these!

Finally my chillies, which I also need to figure out a use for lol.

Sorry there are no challenge entries today, but I have to make a Mardi Gras mask tomorrow lol.

Have a great evening,
Hugz Tinz

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