Wednesday 18 June 2014

Fishes and Birdies

Well it has been a gorgeous day today and I have had the day off work. We went out to Tropical Birdland as we have not visited for a while.  Unfortunately the main character has had to be locked away due to misbehaviour!!!

We had a fantastic day out though and taking the bag of walnut halves was certainly worth the money as the birds were much more interactive in their aviaries!!

Here is the update on my fish - now at 56 hours.

I have also finished listening to a Nicholas Sparks audio book - 'The Lucky One'. This is about a Marine who finds a photograph which 'brings him luck' whilst out in Iraq. Once finished in the Marines he is encouraged to find the lady in the photo. The story actually starts towards the end of the journey to find the lady in the photograph, with no explanation. The explanations come through memories and as he talks to others throughout the story. It tells of his meeting with the lady and those around her and how they influence each others lives. The ending was a little unexpected although it would have been strange had it not ended the way it did, but it also showed that people can have many different faces. I really enjoyed this book, especially as it went through the different people so you knew how they were feeling and what they were planning.

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